SALTANA 2007 FICHE TECHNIQUE Lead vocal, Backing vocals, all guitars: Remna Schwarz/Bass on all tracks : Olivier Poulot except track (5) Bass: Olivier Ounia/Drums and percussions on all tracks: Lamine “Sly”N’diaye except track (11) Kabass: Vincent Chazot/Piano,Organ,Rhodes: João de Oliveira/ Saxophone: Pierre Labore on track(6)/Flute,Saxophone: Simon Couratier on tracks (6) & (9)/additional Organ on track (8): Didier Girard. All tracks except tracks(4),(7),(12) arrangments provided by original band members Olivier Poulot, Lamine N’diaye & Remna Schwarz/ Kabass arrangments on track (11) provided by Vincent Chazot/ Tracks (4),(7),(12) arranged by Remna Schwarz/additional arrangments on track (8) by Daniel Fonceka/ all Piano ,Organ and keys arrangments provided by João De Oliveira. All tracks recorded in : Orléans,France. Studio Arnaud Malandin except tracks (4),(7),(12) recorded at Rebrechien Studio/ Mix : Francky Mouts & Remna Schwarz / Master: Franky Mouts/ Keys,Organ,Piano takes recorded in Rebrechien Studio. All lyrics and music by Remna Schwarz except track (5) lyrics by José Carlos Schwarz/ track (8) music by Daniel Fonceka & Remna Schwarz. SALTANA 2007 First Album ever to be produced gathering all influences from Guiné Bissau, Mali, USA, the Caribean, Senegal, Cape Verde... The original band members since 2001 “ SALATANA” were Olivier Poulot, Lamine N’diaye,Vincent Chazot & Remna Schwarz . They layed tracks from their repertoire including 2 songs written in french. LINE UP 1.37ÉME DE MON ALLÉE 2.TADJA PANHA 3.UPON DA SURFACE 4.LE MAL EST FAIT 5.KERENSA*(Lyrics:José Carlos Schwarz/ Music: Remna Schwarz) 6.SALIMATA WAR 7.ONE WAY 8.NUBIAN BLUESIN’ 9.SHADY SHADOW 10.TEARS OF SORROW 11.KABALINDADI 12.SO MUCH TO GIVE

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